The Music

Music with distinct roots, which brings surprises through influences from different parts of the world. 

The music builds on the group members’ voices and instruments and is evolved from an identity that is both Swedish and Finnish. Jord have absorbed the strong song tradition of Tornedalen, but they also take inspiration from other styles and continents. The lyrics are mainly in Meänkieli and the material is both traditional and newly-composed. 

The third album, nice matka (nice journey), released in May 2011, has been produced in cooperation with Ollie Olson. All the songs on the record are performed in Meänkieli – a conscious choice that feels natural for the group members. There is a completely new sound on the record, thanks to Ollie Olson, percussionist Michael Blair, who has accompanied Tom Waits, Elvis Costello and Lou Reed, guitarist Patrik Fällman and on keyboards David Lindgren Zacharias. 

nice matka is a dramatic narrative about the meeting between old and new. The picture painted is of the old outdoor dance venue from the 1940s and 50s, where traditional Tornedalen music is being played. At the same time, something unknown is lurking on the edge of the forest, with a promise of something new. This time, Jord have done things differently: instead of first recording the songs they like best and leaving the rest until later, Jord have stuck to their plan and recorded the “narrative” from beginning to end, which has created new contexts and new ideas.